Jul 15 2020

Mr. Rohan Pusalkar

Mr Rohan Pusalkar is a dynamic and visionary business person. He serves as the director of PSCPL. Mr Pusalkar holds a proven and successful business track record of almost two decades.

Mr Pusalkar is associated with the success of a lot of ventures across various business domains. He helped grow Indo Schottles export from INR 2.5 million to a whopping INR 900 million. Alongside, he was also instrumental in boosting the companys business from INR 35 million in 1995 to a staggering INR 2000 million in 2012.

Mr Pusalkar is passionate about sports and fitness. So, besides leading the manufacturing business, he also serves as the director of Gold Gyms franchise and is one of the founder directors of the United Health & Fitness Federation.