Operation Excellence

PSCPL manufactures products to provide the following solution to our customers:

  • Manufacturing of parts as per customer need.
  • Low lead time in term of design changes & implementation on shop floor.
  • Fast response to customers in case of any issue pertaining to delivery or quality.

We meet requirements as agreed with the customer in terms of quality and delivery. Our achievements include zero line loss due to supply of good quality material and timely deliveries. Our biggest contributing factor is meeting product requirements with zero defects. We achieve this by concentrating on robust manufacturing practices, operational efficiencies and low manufacturing costs.

The operations department mainly consists:


To achieve flexibility and consistent quality in the variety of products of different types of Steel, Bronze, Aluminium we manufacture, we utilize best Single Spindle CNCs, Twin Spindle- Single Turret CNCs, Twin Spindle- Twin Turret- Multitasking CNCs, Sliding Head CNCs, VMCs.

Quality Assurance

We at PSCPL place resolute focus on providing products of excellent quality with Micron level tolerance to our customers’ satisfaction. Quality is integrated into all our processes, i.e. development, manufacturing and inspection.

We follow a proactive approach to quality concerns by responding immediately to customer complaints and ensuring timely closure of the same. We accomplish this by utilizing various QC tools and root cause analysis.

Some of our quality initiative includes:

  • Extensive use of practical teaching methods & horizontal learning deployment
  • Continuous improvement using Kaizen & POKA YOKE

For assuring product quality, durability, and reliability we use inspection & testing facilities like, 2D Height Gauge, Contour Tracer, Surface Roughness Tester, Video Measuring Machine & Roundness Tester in our standard room.

Our efforts to produce zero defect products, while maintaining excellent quality practices highlight our complete commitment to quality & customer satisfaction.