Pusalkar Su-Rak-Sha is a leading defence and automotive parts manufacturer. The company began operations in 2018. Pusalkar Su-Rak-Sha (PSCPL) manufactures a range of top-quality components and assemblies for automotive, engineering and defence sectors. PSCPL is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

At PSCPL, we handle a wide and varied portfolio of automobile and defence products. Our products for the defence sector include electronic fuse parts, and mechanical fuses and parts. For the automobile industry, on the other hand, we manufacture products such as fuel injection parts, turbocharger parts, transmission parts, and various engine parts.

For us, the quality of our products is paramount. We aim at achieving Zero Defect and believe in continual improvement to help our clients keep up with the dynamic nature of the market.

We possess state of the art manufacturing, and quality testing infrastructure. We build quality into our products by following robust manufacturing practices. It ensures our clients about the safety, application and sustainability of the product. So, we dont just talk about quality, but every member of our team lives it!

Our infrastructure, approach, and consistency in delivering customised products in the desired volume play a crucial role in our success. We offer flexibility in the scalability of manufacturing. It enables us to take up projects of varying sizes, requirements, and expectations.